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The Exotic Garden Link
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Plants in my garden

(Upper front garden)


PLEASE NOTE that any hardiness temperatures quoted are based on my own experience as well as on information obtained from other websites/growers..... they refer to mature plants and even then are absolutely NOT guaranteed - as I have found out the best way to determine if a particular plant will survive is to try it for myself - something I have found extremely rewarding!


Here are some pictures and info on the plants in my upper front garden. You can click the pics for a larger image (in a new window) - this may be necessary to see some of the smaller plants! Dates of planting in brackets.


Upper front garden - photo 1, July 2019

Left: Cordyline indivisa

Middle: Trachycarpus wagnerianus (2004)

Right: Yucca gloriosa and gloriosa variegata (2010)


Upper front garden - photo 2, July 2019

Cordyline indivisa (2007)





Here are comments on some of the plants:


Miniature Chusan palm (trachycarpus wagnerianus)

  Comments: Another no-problem palm. Comments as for t.fortunei, although the 'waggy' is an even more impressive palm as its wind-tolerance is much greater. Best palm for the UK? Very possibly.





Dwarf yatay palm (butia paraguayensis)


  Comments: As for b.capitata. Doing well so far. some damage in winter 2009/10.




Needle palm (rhapidophyllum hystrix)


See comments on Lower front garden page.





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