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My satellite system and what it receives

Currently I own and am using the following satellite equipment:

 Channel Master 1.2m solid offset dish on Channel Master mount (installed Dec 1994), with Grundig 0.7dB twin universal LNB, feeding:

    - Echostar LT-8700 analogue multi-satellite receiver / positioner

    - Blade BM-7000s HD digital receiver (switched between 1.2m and 1m dishes)

 Generic 1m solid dish on generic mount (installed Aug 1999), with MTI 0.6dB twin universal LNB, feeding:

    - Echostar SR-5700 analogue multi-satellite receiver / positioner

    - Blade BM-7000s HD digital receiver (switched between 1.2m and 1m dishes)

 80cm Lenson Heath fixed mesh dish (installed 1999), pointing at Astra2 28.2E, with Invacom 0.1dB octo universal, feeding:

    - Pace Sky+ HD box with Sky family pack subscription (2 feeds)

    - 3 Pace and one Panasonic Sky digiboxes.


I also own the following bits, not currently in use (some of these bits are good for doing dish installations):

 Humax F1-VACI digital receiver

 Humax CI-5100 digital receiver

 Echostar AD2000IP digital receiver/positioner

 Couple of Grundig Sky digiboxes, one non functional

 Pace MSS300 analogue receiver

 Amstrad SRD400 analogue receiver. My first receiver, and the first one on the market to have an integrated videocrypt decoder (circa 1990). Still works fine...

 Philips CTU900 D2-Mac decoder - a museum piece now :-)

 Dead actuators - Jaeger, Echostar. I have replaced 3 of these since I got my first motorised system in 1994. One became loose and the other seized up.

 Old dishes:

    - 1 x 80cm Sky analogue dish with enhanced LNB. This dish has a steel face which is corroding badly.  

    - 1 x 60cm Sky minidish with LNB, steel face starting to corrode (you can see why I choose dishes with aluminium faces).

    - 1 x 45cm Sky minidish with LNB, obtained when I bought a system on ebay, too small to be useful in N.Ireland.                      

 Various other LNBs:

    - 2 x enhanced LNBs

    - 1 x Echostar 0.9dB triple-band LNB. This was the original LNB from my first motorised dish, an expensive item at the time. As we all went digital, we moved to universal LNBs, which cost a tenth of the price and had better performance. The real enthusiasts of course missed the continuously-variable skew of the old triple-bands.




Now in this section I previously had a nice fancy table with a list of all of the satellites which I can receive. Unfortunately I can no longer keep up with all the new launches, movements and name changes, so suffice to say I can receive any satellite between 45 degrees west and 45 degrees east, except for those which are in severely inclined orbit or are too weak for my dish size :-)

A great place for listings is Lyngsat.



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