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The Exotic Garden Link
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Plants in my garden


Well this page has long since expanded so much that it has had to be split! But my previous system of adding a new page for each year of planting is no longer working as it was becoming *very* messy! Instead, I have now provided the following pages depicting the different parts of my garden. A description of each plant is still provided, and you can click on the images on each page to see a higher resolution image. Hope you have a fast internet connection!



The lower front garden.


The upper front garden.


The back garden.


The side garden.



And some additional pages on a couple of my more adventurous plantings:


Planting a large 'jub'.


Planting a large 'trithy'.



For info, the following is a quick summary of the more interesting plants which I am growing or have tried (list updated August 2019):


PLEASE NOTE that any hardiness temperatures quoted are based on my own experience as well as on information obtained from other websites/growers..... they refer to mature plants and even then are absolutely NOT guaranteed - as I have found out the best way to determine if a particular plant will survive is to try it for myself - something I have found extremely rewarding!


My exotic garden! - August 2010 (click the pic for a larger image in a new window)







Black = currently growing happily in my garden :-)

Blue = currently in a pot, kept frost-free but will be planted out when large enough

Red = Failure (plant died, sometimes after several years in the ground - cause of death not necessarily cold weather)

Green = On order, not yet arrived

* = plant currently receives some winter protection during 'normal' cold spells

Types of protection used:

(1) Centre growth protected with cloth (cold nights only)

(2) Centre growth protected with mulch (tree ferns, all winter)

(3) Leaves loosely tied up (all winter)

(4) Overhead rain cover (all winter)

(5) Blanket thrown over (cold nights only)

(6) Blanket wrap (cold periods only) - not keen on this type of protection as it can cause damage either directly or be trapping moisture

(7) Bell cloche (very small plants, all winter)

(8) Covered using empty mulch bin or upside-down wheelie-bin (bananas, during cold spells)

(9) Mini-greenhouse, unheated (all winter)

(10) Mini-greenhouse, heated only to keep temp >0C (all winter, although heat only switched on during cold spells)

(11) Self-regulated warming cables, used as appropriate (all winter, although only switched on during cold spells)

The level of protection used is based on the age of the plant and how long it has been in the ground, for example many of my plants get some protection for at least the first 3 winters in the ground, with protection reduced after each winter. Protection used is applicable to 'normal' winter cold spells, i.e. no colder than -4C (25F).

(12) Brought indoors during cold snaps.






Arenga engleri Taiwan arenga palm 2 plants Approximate hardiness: 23F/-5C
Arenga micrantha Bhutan fishtail palm -   18F/-8C?
Brahea armata Mexican blue hesper palm 1 plant   14F/-10C
Brahea edulis*(4) Guadalupe palm 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Butia capitata Jelly palm, Pindo palm 1 plant   14F/-10C
Butia eriospatha Wooly jelly palm 1 plant   14F/-10C
Butia paraguayensis   1 plant   18F/-8C?
Chamaedorea microspadix*(10) Hardy bamboo palm 4 plants   20F/-7C
Chamaedorea radicalis Hardy parlour palm 2 plants   18F/-8C
Chamaerops humilis Mediterranean fan palm 3 plants   14F/-10C
Chamaerops humilis "cerifera" Blue Mediterranean fan palm 1 plant   14F/-10C
Chamaerops humilis "vulcano"   1 plant   14F/-10C
Juania australis*(10) Chonta palm 1 plant   23F/-5C or lower
Jubaea chilensis Chilean wine palm 1 plant   10F/-12C
Livistona decipiens*(4) Ribbon fan palm 1 plant   19F/-7C?
Livistona nitida*(10) Canarvon Gorge palm 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Nannorrhops ritchiana 'Silver Iran'*(10) Mazari palm 2 plants   0F/-18C?
Parajubaea torallyi microcarpa*(4) Bolivian mountain coconut 1 plant   20F/-7C?
Parajubaea torallyi torallyi*(10) Bolivian mountain coconut 1 plant   20F/-7C?
Phoenix canariensis*(4) Canary Island date palm 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Phoenix theophrastii*(4) Cretan date palm 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle palm 1 plant   0F/-18C
Rhapis excelsa*(7) Lady palm 1 plant   25F/-4C?
Sabal bermudana*(4) Bermuda palmetto 1 plant   14F/-10C?
Sabal minor Dwarf palmetto 1 plant   0F/-18C
Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan palm, Windmill palm 3 plants   5F/-15C
Trachycarpus geminisectus*(10)   1 plant   5F/-15C?
Trachycarpus latisectus*(10) Windamere palm 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Trachycarpus manipur*(7)   1 plant   5F/-15C
Trachycarpus martianus Khasia palm -   21F/-6C
Trachycarpus martianus 'Nepal'*(7) Nepal Khasia palm 1 plant   18F/-8C
Trachycarpus Naini Tal Himalayan Windmill palm 1 plant   2F/-17C?
Trachycarpus nanus*(7) Yunnan dwarf palm 1 plant   5F/-15C
Trachycarpus Nova*(4)   1 plant   5F/-15C
Trachycarpus oreophilus*(10) Thai mountain palm 1 plant   20F/-7C?
Trachycarpus princeps*(7) Stone gate palm 1 plant   5F/-15C?
Trachycarpus wagnerianus Miniature Chusan palm 3 plants   5F/-15C
Trithrinax campestris* (10) Campestre palm, Caranday palm 1 plant   5F/-15C?
Washingtonia filifera*(4) California cotton palm 2 plants   18F/-8C?
Washingtonia filibusta*(4) Filifera x robusta 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Washingtonia robusta*(4) Skyduster palm, Mexican fan palm 1 plant   20F/-7C?





Cycas panzihuaensis*(7) Dukou cycad 1 plant

Approximate hardiness:


Cycas revoluta*(4) Sago "palm" 1 plant   23F/-5C?





Musa basjoo*(8) Japanese banana 1 plant

Approximate hardiness:


      (root) 0F/-18C
      (trunk & leaves) 23F/-5C





Dicksonia antarctica*(2) Tasmanian tree fern 1 plant

Approximate hardiness:


      (root) 0F/-18C
      (trunk & leaves) 23F/-5C





Pleioblastus variegatus Dwarf white-striped bamboo 1 plant

Approximate hardiness:






Echinocereus reichenbachii baileyii*(4)   2 plants

Approximate hardiness:


Opuntia compressa*(4)   1 plant   15F/-9C?
Opuntia linguiformis*(4)   1 plant   10F/-12C/
Opuntia macrorhiza*(4) Plains prickly pear 1 plant   10F/-12C?
Opuntia phaecantha*(4) Mojave prickly pear 1 plant   0F/-18C?
Opuntia tortispina*(4)   1 plant   10F/-12C?
Opuntia violacea*(4)   1 plant   10F/-12C?





Agave americana*(10) Century plant 1 plants

Approximate hardiness:


Agave americana variegata*(4) Century plant (variegated) 2 plants   18F/-8C?
Agave palmeri*(7) Palmer's agave 1 plant   10F/-12C?
Agave parryi*(7) Parry's agave 1 plant   20F/-7C?
Agave parryi couesii*(7)   1 plant   0F/-18C?
Agave utahensis kaibabensis*(7)   2 plants   -10F/-23C??
Echeveria*(4)   many plants   21F/-6C?





Yucca carnerosana*(4)   1 plant Approximate hardiness: 0F/-18C?
Yucca filamentosa Adam's needle 2 plants



Yucca filifera*(4)   1 plant   18F/-8C?
Yucca gloriosa   1 plant   -4F/-20C
Yucca gloriosa variegata Spanish dagger 3 plants   -4F/-20C
Yuccan linearifolia   1 plant   5F/-15C
Yucca rostrata Blue beaked yucca 1 plant   14F/-10C?





Cordyline australis (green) Cabbage "palm" 2 plants

Approximate hardiness:


Cordyline australis (variegated) Variegated cordyline 1 plant   18F/-8C
Cordyline indivisa Mountain cabbage "palm" 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Dasylirion wheeleri   1 plant   14F/-10C?
Fatsia japonica Castor oil plant 1 plant   5F/-15C
Nolina longifolium Mexican grass tree 1 plant   18F/-8C?
Phormium tenax (green) New Zealand flax 1 plant   5F/-15C
Phormium tenax (variegated) New Zealand flax 1 plant   5F/-15C
Rheum palmatum Ornamental rhubarb 1 plant   5F/-15C
Aspidistra elatior*(10) Cast iron plant 1 plant   23F/-5C



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