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Gav's Audi 90 Quattro 20V






Date of first registration: January 1990
Date purchased: September 1995
Purchase price: £6850
List price (new): £22000
Mileage when purchased: 50000
Mileage (June 2008): 124000
Modifications: BBS alloys (were on car when I bought it), clear front indicators, Kenwood stereo/CD/mp3 / Pioneer speakers.


Vital statistics:

Engine code: 7A
Engine layout/capacity: I5 / 2309cc
Power: 170bhp (125kW) at 6000rpm
Torque: 220Nm at 4500rpm
0-60mph: 8.0 seconds (est.)
Maximum speed (untested :-): 220km/h (138mph)
Length: 4393mm
Width: 1695mm
Height, unladen: 1397mm
Weight, unladen: 1320kg
Economy :-{} 26mpg


"Other spec":

Permanent 4WD with switchable diff lock, electric front windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, ABS.



- worn suspension bush (early on)

- sticky hand brake caliper (problem long gone now)

- uneven wear on front tyres (regular wheel alignment solves this one, I don't buy expensive tyres now!)

- collapsed catalytic converter (now decatted)

- snapped alternator belt

- dirty ISV (idle stabilisation valve)

- leaky radiator

- non-functional thermostat, thermoswitch, coolant sensors and temp gauge

- distributor plastic gear broken (replacement has metal gear)

- ECU diagnostic wire shorted to ground (hard to find, simple fix)

- buckled door mouldings (recently replaced)

- dash & window switch illumination (all recently fixed!)

- fading/oxidation on paintwork (just a matter of keeping it clean I suppose)

- other minor problems


"Recently repaired/replaced":

- main radiator

- auxiliary radiator

- thermoswitch

- coolant temperature sender

- coolant hose (the one with the bleed screw)

- multi-function temperature sender

- thermostat

- lambda (O2) probe

- distributor

- ignition module

- injector resistor pack


- oil, filter & plugs

- air intake boot

- door mouldings


You can see why I'm keeping the car for a while......


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