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Gav's Audi A4 2.8 Quattro






Date of first registration: March 2000
Date purchased: October 2005
Purchase price: £6450
List price (new): £29000
Mileage when purchased: 44000
Mileage (June 2008): 69000
Modifications: Phatnoise digital audio system


Vital statistics:

Engine code: APR
Engine layout/capacity: V6 / 2771cc
Power: 193bhp (142kW) at 6000rpm
Torque: 280Nm at 3200rpm
0-60mph: 7.1 seconds (est.)
Maximum speed (untested :-): 238km/h (149mph)
Length: 4479mm
Width: 1733mm
Height, unladen: 1394-1418mm
Weight, unladen: 1505kg
Economy :-{} 27mpg


"Other spec":

Permanent 4WD, 4 electric windows, electric mirrors, climate control, traction control, ABS.



- intermittent sticking indicator relay (replaced)

- blown front speakers

- leaking rear diff oil seals


"Recently repaired/replaced":

- flasher relay

- front speakers

- rear diff oil seals

- timing belt


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