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About us


This page contains a bit of information about us. We're the McCormick family from Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Newtownabbey is a town about ten miles north of Belfast - in fact it may as well be part of Belfast as it's built-up from here right into the city. Our house is situated right on the edge of the built-up area, a couple of miles from the coast overlooking Belfast Lough.




Ok, I suppose I'd better introduce myself first. I'm Gavin and I was born on 4th July 1968. I'm an electronic engineer during the day. After working hours, my main 'occupation' is a sound man in our church. Aside from that I am also interested in flying, cars, exotic gardening, photography and (to a lesser extent, especially recently) satellite TV. I have been married to Fiona since 1993.




Hi, I'm Fiona and I love spending my time with my family and friends. I also work for a local clinical research company. My other interests include a youth organisation called EGR where I'm a leader and we both are members of a Christian fellowship for disabled and able-bodied people called Eagle Fellowship. I enjoy all these activities and so do our kids.





RACHEL was born on 25th April 1999. This picture was taken in France in June 2008. (She just loves to have her photo taken!!)




ANDREW was born on 19th December 2003. The picture to the right was taken in France in June 2008.







2013 marked our 20th wedding anniversary (on 26th June). It also marked the 25th (eek!) anniversary of us becoming a couple (on 20th May). Here is a glimpse of what we looked like back then (apologies for the hair!):

Gav & Fi - July 1988





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