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to our homepage!


We are the McCormick family from Newtownabbey, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website! Here is what is on our other pages:

Click HERE for "live" webcam and weather info, updated every minute!!

Click here for archived webcam images, here for selected images from the archive, and here for a video of today's webcam images!


Yes, exactly what you would expect! - info about us.


The latest exciting (?) instalment of what's going on chez nous. Previous instalments can be found at Archive news.


A selection of pics taken by us in various places around the world.


Gav's Audi Quattro page :-).


A section related to private flying and my decision at the age of 39 (in 2007!) to train for a private pilot's licence. My PPL diary.


My church is the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast. I am part of the technical crew responsible for sound/video/lighting, and aside from the regular meetings, concerts etc, this takes us to events throughout Northern Ireland and beyond. In addition to this, the church also has a 5-camera video set-up which is used for our TV broadcasts. To find out more, click on the link above.


Yes, like so many others I had Sky TV (well up until 2017 when I sensibly ditched them!). But satellite TV is about much more than that. In fact Sky, despite what I'm sure they would like us to believe, is only a very small part of what's available on more than 30 satellites broadcasting into Europe. Sky offer 150+ channels on their digital transmissions, but there are 10 (ten) times as many channels, feeds etc up there which can be accessed with a motorised dish set-up or a number of fixed dishes, and around half of these are totally free!

Here are links to my other satellite pages:

My system and the satellites I can receive

Some thoughts on analogue / digital TV

Some pictures of satellite installations in various places

Satellite links


Non-satellite related TV and radio stations available in my area. BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, RTE, local radio, unlicensed (pirate) stations, everything I can think of!


 Eagle Fellowship is a Christian fellowship group for both able-bodied and disabled people which meets once a month. Fiona and I are both involved. Click on the link to find out more.


EGR is a church-based youth organisation for girls between the ages of 4 and 16, which meets once a week. Fiona is a leader. Click on the link to find out more. 


Fiona's the gardener, not me! In fact, I dislike gardening - at least most gardening. When I moved into my new house in 1993, the garden was a complete mess. As far as I was concerned, I would level the garden and sow a lawn and thereafter I would just mow it when required (and Fiona was happy to do the other jobs!). It wasn't until later, in fact not until I began browsing the web at first, that I found something altogether different (and more interesting) to do with my garden. I would never have believed that exotic plants such as palms, bananas, yuccas and tree ferns would survive as garden plants in Northern Ireland, but many of them not only survive but also thrive, and the list of such plants which can be grown in gardens here is quite impressive. I have also included some information about the climate here as this is the most important factor in determining what will grow (and what will not).

Here are links to my other exotics pages:

A history of my involvement in exotic gardening

Suitable palms for the British climate

Plants in my garden!

A guide to the climate in my area

More pictures of palms in N.Ireland

Exotic gardens in the British Isles

Palm links


Various links that I have found useful.


Calculates today's sunrise and sunset times for anywhere in the world!



An overview of updates made to this site since its first upload in January 2000.



View the latest "live" image from my webcam! Updated every ten minutes.

Here are links to my other webcam pages:

Webcam image archive

Selected images from the webcam archive

How it's done!

Today's webcam video!


To calculate the times for another location: Enter the latitude, longitude and GMT timezone offset values for the location and hit 'Calculate'. Note: north latitudes and east longitudes are positive, as are timezones ahead of GMT. Allow for any daylight saving in the timezone offset.

Latitude: Longitude: Timezone offset:



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Disclaimer: I have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information given on my web pages is accurate; however, I cannot be held responsible if any of this information proves to be inaccurate at any time, or for anyone's inability to use the information wisely!


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